Hotspots generally take place on the 2nd Monday of each month. They usually last 30 minutes. They provide a showcase for club members, or may feature someone who has caught our attention. They are unpaid but are much appreciated by the audience.

Our Next Hotspot Guests

Nov 11th

Pat & Ron Keedy:

Pat & Ron's musical influences stem from early American Folk music around the 1920s. Sometimes referred to as Old Timey. This music formed the the basis of modern day genres such as Bluegrass and Country music. Our love for this music started some 50 years ago and over the years we have visited many parts of the UK to attend various Folk/ Bluegrass and Country festivals including Cambridge Folk Festival where we had the great fortune to witness many legends of this music including the late great Doc and Merle Watson, Ry Cooder and many others. When performing our songs we try to deliver a feel for this music as was performed in those early days and also trying to keep abreast with the current trends, with Pat playing Autoharp/ Jaws Harp amongst various other percussion instruments and Ron playing guitar in a slide position.