Hotspots generally take place on the 2nd Monday of each month. They usually last 30 minutes. They provide a showcase for club members, or may feature someone who has caught our attention. They are unpaid but are much appreciated by the audience.

Our Next Hotspot Guests

December 9th

Ian Swinburne & Trevor Bond

“We're IT”

Ian Swinburne and Trevor Bond started singing together about 5 years ago and would occasionally perform at various open mics. They continued to perform as solo acts, but began to appear together more and more.

Their repertoire includes many songs from the sixties and seventies, yet surprisingly few from the nineties.

Both Ian and Trevor play guitar and Ian also plays harmonica. Trevor also plays ukulele but is rarely asked to do so (shame).

The name “We're IT” was, 'tis believed, suggested by that doyen of this biz we call music, Jim Blenkhorn.

Additional comment: This double act not only offers great music and harmonies but will bring more than a touch of humour!